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2019 CIFF GuangZhou


The annual Guangdong Furniture Fair is the Spring Festival for homemakers and a mirror and a window for the furniture industry. From the Dongguan exhibition on the 16th to the two-day Shenzhen furniture finale, the Guangdong Five Exhibition slowly came to an end. How do you feel when you look at the exhibition for a few days? In fact, the amount of information reflected is still very large. I think the biggest feeling is change. There are fewer new products released at the exhibition. There are fewer big noises in the exhibition. There are fewer fancy things in the sky of the exhibition hall. The organizers, exhibitors and visitors all happen. A huge change. Under the big social regulations and the big changes in the home, the crazy situation was not in the past, and the industry is returning to rationality and reshaping.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, it was the golden period of the furniture industry. At the beginning of reform and opening up, in the case that there is no furniture in the country or only a few pieces of furniture left by the old carpenter, and generally do not know what furniture is, modern industrialized furniture and European and American furniture as new species enter the newly opened Chinese people. In front of the attitude of treating furniture is basically a word: grab. Seeking more than the age of supply, furniture is not for sale, and people engaged in furniture also quickly accumulate wealth, and at this time most people have no furniture at all.


After 2008, the situation changed. The financial tsunami triggered by the US subprime mortgage crisis, the oversupply of products, the downturn of real estate, and the Chinese economy facing a series of problems with the transfer of regulations came one after another. The furniture industry is not an era in which money can be easily saved.

Now we are really depressed. The factories collapsed in a pile, the furniture stores were cold and clear, the furniture distribution was dead, the traditional dealers were dying as a group... The market was full of panic, there was no way out, no results, some were just suffering...

This is an era of great social regulation. The traditional distribution model is disintegrating. To be honest, 99% of the people nowadays are either unaware of this change or are helpless in this change. They don't believe that the earth will not believe that the world and the age after 00 are different from before, but "the days have passed, and we will grow up slowly." One era is over, which means another era. Opened, what is the next era?

The era of a boss with no ink as a boss has passed.

Once upon a time, the more uncultured and more successful our society is, the more so in the furniture industry. The people who have real university education in the entire furniture industry are like stars. "It is a past tense for those who have not gone to school to go to school." In the past, the rise of this generation of Chinese furniture success relied on individual struggles, but to a greater extent, it was issued by the [National Fortune", which took a block of land and occupied a market, and it took a legal loophole. It is said that information is mainly asymmetric and product structure is not aligned. In the present, even if globalization is fragmented, isolationism is on the rise, and the rise of China is hard to resist. But this does not mean that the old-fashioned rich people in China can continue the old model of their wealth. With the Internet, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, modern enterprise management and CNC manufacturing becoming the standard of enterprises, the current furniture business is becoming more and more complicated, and the psychology of the outbreak is becoming a thing of the past.

An era of plagiarism is also going on

Plagiarism did give us a quick catch-up of the world's advanced furniture manufacturing technology and the world's advanced furniture design, but the consequences of plagiarism are also obvious, the product is tangible, and the coordination is very poor. Home is a place with feelings. This kind of life is obviously not living. People need perfect space. These non-original and non-original spaces are not allowed. This is destined that when plagiarism has passed, original and space creation will eventually be staged.

Furniture style. The author believes that the trend of style is a bit outdated, because these are not the life gates of the current business. It should be said that the trend of furniture in this year or two years has already emerged. This is the minimalism, luxury, new Chinese, and Nordic becoming the mainstream. The European and American French styles have become complementary. It is estimated that there will be appropriate adjustments and small category changes in this general direction in the future. But not every four styles can survive. It seems that the popularity of these styles seems to be able to influence the future, because there are seven or eight small steering wheels under each style. Obviously not every one can succeed.

Furniture space. For the mainstream and most companies, the past traditional single product era has come to an end. In the post-customization era, the whole house customization and the next bag are being promoted. The soft decoration and design are on the rise. No matter the factory structure, terminal display, customer demand is a space.

New marketing of furniture. It is time to identify with unbounded marketing and outlet marketing and break marketing. Unbounded Marketing uses new mobile Internet technologies to conduct borderless marketing wherever someone has behavior. Outsourcing marketing to find broken marketing is to break the existing marketing system, refactoring corporate thinking and corporate structure thinking with new ideas, this is not a change is a new life! Business or integration or alliance or platform entry or cross-border cut-in must be re-erected.

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