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Furniture From Beijing News


Recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision announced the results of quality inspection of wooden furniture, of which 32 were unqualified and 12 were found to have excessive formaldehyde. The reporter noted that most of the over-standard furniture manufacturers announced this time mainly produced and sold Office Furniture.

For a long time, people’s attention to the environmental protection of civilian furniture has been far more than office furniture. According to industry experts, most office buildings and schools have problems such as dense population, high density of furniture, and poor ventilation. The problem of indoor air pollution caused by excessive furniture cannot be underestimated.

Reporter found

On May 3, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision announced the results of the quality inspection of wooden furniture produced locally in Beijing. Of the 261 wooden furniture produced by 261 companies, 32 were unqualified, and 12 of them detected excessive formaldehyde.

The reporter noted that most of the 12 listed companies, including Hengfeng Furniture Co., Ltd. and Huangcun Chuangmet Furniture Factory, mainly produce and sell office furniture.

The company pursues the flow of difficult to find furniture and customizes for customers.

The reporter investigated the list of manufacturers of formaldehyde over-standards listed by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision and found that most of these manufacturers are office furniture manufacturers.

According to some manufacturers, their business model is different from brand furniture, usually customers or other furniture factories directly order, and then they are mass-produced according to the bill of lading. Most manufacturers only provide style pictures and product quotations when manufacturing furniture.

In the name of the school procurement desk, the reporter asked a salesman of a furniture factory whether the quality of the product passed. The salesperson told reporters: "It's all for the public. We will give you more points, things will be beautiful, you will be good, we will not be white!"

Subsequently, the reporter interviewed Huangcun Chuangmet Furniture Factory in the same identity. When the reporter asked where the staff members were supplying the goods, the other party appeared very careful and did not disclose much information. However, in order to enhance the buyer's purchasing confidence, he also cited examples of large-scale desks and chairs that were provided to Hujialou Elementary School and Balizhuang Primary School last year.

The market reveals that the market is chaotic only because of the small social attention.

An industry insider Yi Yun (pseudonym) told reporters that she had booked more than 200,000 yuan of furniture to Hengfeng Furniture Co., Ltd. a few years ago.

However, the goods received two months later were chilling. "And not to say that the work is rough, the smell of the nose is that the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard." Yi Yun said frankly, because the contract was not rigorous enough, the goods could not be returned.

Then why are these furniture factories on the black list, but they ignore it and start work as usual?

Yi Yun believes that the scale of these factories is not small, but they do not play brands, do not enter the store circulation, most manufacturers do not do civilian furniture, the society pays less attention to them. "If the boat is a small U-turn, it will calculate the matter. They can also hide their names and continue to compress the cost for profit." Yi Yun said.

Experts can not be ignored, indoor air quality is worrying

Formaldehyde belongs to Class A carcinogens. It is expected that in the environment with excessive formaldehyde, it is easy to cause irritation of eyes, skin and respiratory system, causing chronic respiratory diseases and chromosomal abnormalities. High concentrations of formaldehyde are toxic to the nervous system, liver, etc., and can cause cancer in the mouth, skin and other parts in severe cases.

Song Guangsheng, director of the Indoor Environment Monitoring Center of the China Interior Decoration Association, said that public places such as office buildings, shopping malls and supermarkets often cannot open windows and ventilate, and indoor air pollutants are difficult to circulate.

Song Guangsheng also pointed out that in addition to the formaldehyde content of the furniture itself, the amount of furniture placed in a certain space is also the key issue. If dozens of pieces of furniture are placed in a room of more than ten square meters, even if the formaldehyde content is within 1.5 mg/l, the total amount of formaldehyde will exceed the standard.

In schools and office buildings, there are often dozens of tables and chairs in a room, so once the furniture problems, the indoor air quality will be worrying.

Authoritative voice strengthens self-discipline and makes environmental protection a rigid indicator

In the face of market chaos in office furniture, industry experts said that strengthening supervision is the key.

The factories that produce office furniture often use the networking of enterprises to achieve sales as the main way. The environmental protection and service attachments that brands should have are difficult to achieve in office furniture. In addition, the purchase company often only pays attention to the price, and the quality of the product is not strict, so that its quality and environmental protection coefficient are more difficult to guarantee.

Liu Chen, secretary-general of the Beijing Home Furnishing Market Association, believes that office furniture should be brought closer to civilian furniture as soon as possible to achieve branding. Whether it is civilian furniture or office furniture, environmental compliance is a rigid indicator. As an industry association, in addition to proposing to strengthen the self-discipline of enterprises, enterprises that do not meet the standards will be notified, as soon as possible, through internal notification, warning, and supervision.

Liu Chen also said that the current mainstream enterprises producing office furniture are in line with national standards, and consumers can rest assured to buy.

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