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Development Of Office Furniture

MASYOUNGER Office Furniture marketing development process, through the national furniture monopoly model, furniture sales experienced from no marketing to marketing, from no store to a store, from small shops to large shopping malls, from local areas to all over the country, from low-grade furniture From high-end furniture, from furniture to office supplies, from the primary market to the tertiary market, from a single product to a series of products, from grasping quality to re-branding, from branding to cultural communication, and so on. At present, what kind of changes have taken place in furniture stores, whether they can open new chapters and find new outlets?

Experiential professional stores gradually become the mainstream Most furniture stores do not include office furniture, even if there is no promotion as the focus, and similar to the office environment of Shunlian Furniture City North District show experience mall this large professional office furniture stores It is also the only remaining fruit. Looking at the environment of office furniture stores in various regions, it is not difficult for consumers to find that the traditional layout has become less and less, and it is replaced by a well-furnished, modern, and functional office layout. The reporter observed that the current furniture store environment gradually evolved into an experiential situation showroom. The store environment pays more attention to the feelings of consumers, more emphasis on comfort and experience, and convenient shopping.

Thematic Scenery Experience True and Vivid Theme The hallmark of the experiential exhibition hall is that it combines the advantages of numerous commodities to simulate a real office environment. This sales model better reflects the collocation, use, and furnishings of office furniture. It is an intuitive consumption model, which easily leads to consumers’ desire to consume and helps consumers to make choices. Each region has its own theme, divided by simple style, European style, pastoral style, fashion style, classic style, etc.; according to position level, the president's office, manager's office, and staff's office; according to departmental functions, the financial room, the front desk, Scenes such as screens, conference rooms, banquet rooms, and lounges were simulated to simulate the corresponding office models to display different combinations of office appliances, highlighting the brand's superior products, unique styles, and the style and layout of the office scene are also clear at a glance.

Solution Solution The optimized solution for the office environment is always available to consumers. The emergence of the theme situation-experience professional office furniture store has solved the consumer's problem. The professional office furniture store has a full set of Combining spatial planning, decorative accessories, color aesthetics, lighting applications, and even metaphysical theories, in the broad office furniture field, the “model home” office built with the theme gives consumers multiple reference templates to realize the entire “space, furniture” With the harmony and unity among the three people, this fresh and special display mode allows consumers to have a clearer idea of the office environment and help consumers to easily purchase. Experiential office furniture stores can be said to be a historic shift in the furniture industry and are irreversible consumer trends.

As the many advantages of the theme situational experience store model meet the needs of modern people's working life, it has become one of the development trends of many office furniture stores. Office furniture and office environment professionals believe that the future of office furniture stores will tend to intelligent With modernization and experience, you can experience immersive experience in the post-mold office. The theme situation experience professional office furniture store will allow customers a new experience and experience, so that the original very boring office furniture procurement into a very comfortable and enjoyable.

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